Best Men’s Hairstyle for Oval Faces

Oval face shapes are considered the most versatile and balanced face shapes. They are characterized by a slightly longer length than the width, a rounded chin, and a forehead that is slightly wider than the jawline. With these proportions, people with oval faces can pull off a wide range of hairstyles.And that’s why the lots of people wanted to search out the best men’s hairstyle for oval faces.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hairstyle:

Here, we’ll try to explain the all factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle for the best men’s hairstyle for oval faces.

Hair Texture:

The texture of your hair plays a crucial role in determining the best hairstyle for you. Fine, thick, curly, or wavy hair requires different styles and maintenance levels. Consider your hair’s natural texture when selecting a hairstyle to ensure the best possible look.

Personal Style:

Your style should always be a consideration when choosing a hairstyle. Whether you prefer a classic, edgy, or contemporary look, there is a hairstyle to suit your preferences. Remember to consider your lifestyle, profession, and personal taste when selecting the perfect cut.

Maintenance Level:

Some hairstyles require more maintenance than others. Choose a hairstyle that matches your desired maintenance level depending on your lifestyle and the time you’re willing to spend on daily styling.

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Top Hairstyles for Oval Faces:

Lets choose your style and make your personality with grace and dignity.

Classic Pompadour:

The classic pompadour is a timeless and sophisticated hairstyle that adds volume and height to the hair. With its short sides and a longer top, this style emphasizes the natural balance of an oval face shape. A pompadour can be styled with a matte or shiny finish and tailored to suit various hair textures.

Side Part:

A side part is a versatile and universally flattering hairstyle that works well for oval face shapes. This style helps to maintain balance and adds a touch of elegance. Depending on your hair texture and style, you can choose a more formal, sleek side part or a casual, textured version.


The quiff is a popular hairstyle combining pompadour, flat top, and sometimes a mohawk. The quiff is perfect for oval faces with its volume on top and shorter sides. This hairstyle can be tailored to suit your hair texture, whether fine or thick.

Crew Cut:

A crew cut is a low-maintenance and timeless hairstyle that works exceptionally well for men with oval face shapes. With its short, uniform length, the crew cut emphasizes the natural symmetry of an oval face. This style is ideal for those with an active lifestyle or who prefer a no-fuss haircut.

Faux Hawk:

The faux hawk is a modern and edgy hairstyle that adds height and dimension to your look. There are various types of faux hawks, each with its unique appeal.

Modern Faux Hawk:

A modern faux hawk features a taper fade or undercuts on the sides, with long hair in the middle that gradually decreases in length towards the back. This hairstyle is perfect for men with oval faces who want to make a bold statement while maintaining a professional appearance.

Traditional Faux Hawk:

The traditional faux hawk has more length and volume in the middle, giving it a more dramatic appearance. This style works well for oval faces and can be styled in various ways to match your style and hair texture.


What is the most versatile face shape? 

The oval face shape is considered the most versatile due to its balanced proportions and ability to suit various hairstyles.

How can I determine my face shape? 

Measure the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw and the length of your face from your hairline to your chin. Compare these measurements to determine your face shape.

Is it necessary to change my hairstyle if I gain or lose weight? 

While it’s not mandatory, changing your hairstyle after significant weight gain or loss can help maintain balance and proportion in your facial features.

How often should I get a haircut to maintain my chosen style? 

The frequency of haircuts depends on the hairstyle and your hair growth rate. Generally, getting a haircut every 4-6 weeks is recommended to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

What products should I use to style my hair? 

Choose hair styling products based on your hair type and desired finish. Pomades, waxes, gels, and clays are popular options that can provide different levels of hold and shine.


Selecting the best men’s hairstyle for an oval face shape requires considering your hair texture, personal style, and maintenance preferences. With their natural symmetry and balance, oval faces can pull off various hairstyles, including the classic pompadour, side part, quiff, crew cut, and faux hawk. Experiment with different styles to find the one that best complements your features and enhances your overall appearance.

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