Diamondmagic.Co Reviews: Is This A World Class Jewelry Store?

Diamondmagic.Co Reviews

Finding special jewelry prices for your loved ones can be difficult. Engagement weddings are the parts of life that you make the most memorable. Rings are things that stay with you forever and show how much you care for each other. But buying the perfect piece of jewelery is not as easy as it seems. Most of you have a perfect schedule or have found something fascinating on the internet. Can you buy from an online store?  Yes, you can, but there is always a significant risk. So, what to do in such a situation?   Buy the best from reputable stores or read reviews of new brands.

DiamondMagic.co is a USA-based online site dealing in genuine gemstones. You can get a moissanite ring for a wedding moissanite bracelet. s has unmissable pieces for shoppers. 

Today we are going to learn about DiamondMagic customer review. How was their shopping experience with them? What is their paid shipping policy?

What is the best place to buy jewelry online?

Best Places to Buy Jewelery Online

  1. Madewell Jewelry at Nordstrom. 
  2. Nordstrom, Missouri for jewelry. 
  3. Mezuri Jewelry on Etsy. 
  4. Etsy jewelry. Brilliant art
  5. Buy brilliant earth jewellery.
  6. Shop Amazon for jewelry.
  7. Anthropologie Jewelry at Target. 
  8. Shop for stud earrings. 

Is it worth buying jewelry online?

This is a commonly asked question. Buy fine jewelry online. But there are many aspects that we need or need to study. What do users say about the brand? You can find customer reviews on platforms like trust pilot site Jabber. Also, check their exchange refund policy in case of any lawsuits.

About Diamoandmagic.co

DiamondMagic’s slogan redefines fine jewelry. They say they create a beautiful jelly that matches your personality. DiamondMagic’s motto is redefining the reality of the field for buyers. Fine jewelry is easily available for those who want to keep their pockets heavy. For this, P grade gems like moissanite are used. They use precious metals to create world-class pieces.

Claiming to be the original manufacturer of moissanite, they have been setting high standards for lab-made gemstones for 25 years or more.


Their standards are high. They offer P-quality lab-grown gemstones in responsibly sourced specialty metals at affordable prices.


They pride themselves on creating their own stones, not mining them. Therefore, with limited ethical environmental impact, Diamond Magic is an ideal stone for the discerning consumer.

Jewelry pieces diamond magic

You can find moissanite stone rings, bracelets, wedding rings, sets at Diamond Magic. It has special pieces for its customers. Lab-made stones are no less valuable than mined diamonds. Gives elegance like a diamond. 

Leather bags

This website also has a leather bag section. There are styles of P grade designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Is there an exchange offer?

Within 30 days of exchange.

Do they offer an online store?

They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What does their payment mean?

Pay with multiple credit cards.

How do you contact them?

Email:    [email protected]

Address:    8500 Beverly Blvd, Ste 774, Los Angeles, CA 9004.

What stones do they use?

They use moissanite, a laboratory-created replica of diamond.

What metals do they use?

They use 925 silver.

What ring sizes do they offer?

They range in size from US 3 to US 12.

Is there any discount?

10 percent off back to school coupon.


  • A-grade quality moissanite.
  • special design
  • This site offers “get your money back” “friendly payment methods”.
  • This is an SSL certificate.
  • This site is protected by DNSFilter.
  • According to Flash Startup this site will never contain malware or phishing.
  • Good trust rating
  • Leather bags buyer reviews


  • There is no feedback from users on other handle’s official website about jewelry.
  • It has low Alexa rank.

What are buyers saying about Diamond Magic?

So, customer reviews should be about online shopping. But on their official website, we did not find any user feedback about the jewelry. In fact, on other trusted platforms like trust pilot site Jabber, buyers have no feedback about this brand. 

DiamondMagic has Instagram and Facebook pages. We also looked at their pages for buyer reviews. But no social media page.

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