reviews: Why It Is Legit or Scam?

Are all the clothes too expensive? Looking for an online thrift store? Is a good alternative to join An online shop.   Available to most people in the United States and nearby areas.

Softly offers customers online shopping for clothes at very reasonable prices. The main purpose of this store is to help everyone buy clothes. Claims that the clothes are in good condition. However, trusting such a platform is not easy. Thus, we bring reviews to find legitimacy. 

Let’s give some website details and what this platform offers to the customers. Moreover, we also list the pros and cons at the end. 

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About reviews  claims to be the best place to buy second hand clothes.   A type of thrift store operating on an online platform. Now you can get everything at half price. Moreover, it also offers alert notifications from different brands. This guide will help you find the best sales.

In this way,  one can enjoy the EM sales of famous brands like Louis Vuitton. Gives regular notifications. The clothes are in good condition and good for everyday wear.

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Website Details

Let’s see the details of this website.

  • The website was registered on 14 February 2022.
  • This website will end on February 14, 2023.
  • Website registered under the name, LLC.

This shows that this website will end in four months. 

Let’s take a look at the features of this website.

  • It has been well maintained by the owner.
  • You need to login to access all brands with R cell number.
  • Notifications are often received on r cell phones.
  • You can contact me directly via Skype.
  • They have social media accounts on all platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

How does work?

This website is really easy to manage. The given steps must be followed.

  1. First, go directly to the web page via the link.
  2. After that, it is necessary to sign up and also provide r phone number.
  3. Then search for specific EMS and brands.
  4. You can find amazing deals on shopping.
  5. Add me to cart and see if you like something.
  6. You will receive the parcel in a few days.

Daily Resale Information

Is it difficult to track the resale of different brands? N, slowly join the best website to sign up. Provides alerts when a particular brand is resold.  It helps to buy brand name clothes at low cost. 

Social media handle

  You can also visit their social media pages including Facebook and Instagram  . Instagram shows about 491 followers and no posts have been updated yet. However, Facebook has 145 followers with various contributions posted on the page. The Y’s website has some pictures of different outfits.   Months have passed, and the Wii still lacks a following on the platform. That makes the website very suspicious. 

Jointly: Comparison with others

You can find many thrift stores all over the US,    but it’s rare to find one like this online. You can get second hand clothes from ThreadUP, Swap and Restitch. Se platforms share EMS other than clothes. However, Y does not provide information about the resale of different brands. All the clothes on the website are    second hand with no brand label.  

Customer Reviews: Are You Satisfied?

The official website shows some highlighted reviews from happy customers. One of them said he found a nice shirt.  Others say they are impressed by the quality of the product   . 

In addition, we also looked at other websites to make sure the y were legitimate. Thus, TrustPilot does not show a single comment from any user.   Almost nine months old, and no reviews yet. However, we also saw the tube. A good reliability score. The review calls the site trustworthy.  The company’s location and web server claim to be legitimate. High score for website general usability.


  • The website is well maintained.
  • This website is available in most parts of the world.
  • The website has a good trust score.
  • This is a confidence index of 80%.
  • You can find great reviews on Tube.


  • There are no ratings on TrustPilot.
  • No more details about the website.
  • He did not provide his contact information.


We bring reviews to find a reliable second hand clothing store.   This brand offers such clothes and alert notifications  when reselling in your favorite brand . Really easy to use, and the delivery time is also good. We also found a high trust index and good reviews   . However, there are no ratings on Trustpilot. We recommend waiting a while before buying here. 

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