Meeroux Reviews: Is It Legit or Another scam?

The Meeroux store becomes internet hype. But before buying anything from this online skin care store,   we recommend that you read Merox reviews from buyers and then decide on the store. If it is an online skin care store. This store sells body lotion, moisturizer and more skin care products. This section has a wide variety of items from gels to creams.  It has also added an online payment option where you can pay using PayPal, Direct Checkout, Visa Card and other methods. If you talk about the shipping and return policies, this site has taken many good steps to provide a better experience to the customers.

Many stores have good shipping and return policies, but sometimes they are scams. How do I know if a website is real or not? There are many ways you can find out about the authenticity of a website. This is the goat’s reaction to the stock. Customer reviews tell not only about the quality of the products but also about the authenticity of the policy. 

Today, in this article, we have tried to cover all aspects of branding. What are they saying? Is the shipping policy too good to be true?

Which brand is best for skin care products?

Check out the 12 best beauty e-commerce sites to get inspired and see what you can learn from them.

  1. Ulta Ulta is a beauty website where visitors can find popular cosmetic brands. 
  2. Sephora. Sephora is a true market leader. 
  3. Blanker. 
  4. Stylish makeup. 
  5. Kylie Cosmetics. 
  6. Pharmacist 87. 
  7. Bluemercury.
  8. Nordstrom.

How can you spot a fake shopping website and not get scammed?

So here are tips to spot fake site on the internet

Guide: Tips to spot fake shopping sites and avoid getting scammed

  1. Explore the website. 
  2. Be careful with online ads. 
  3. Be skeptical about finding products.
  4. Don’t fall for the price. 
  5. Check security settings.
  6. Prioritize information. 
  7. Shop with a credit card.
  8. Save the receipt or confirmation email.

About Meirox shop

This is a complete description of the site. It is an online system that sells body lotion, body creams and more.  It also has a category section for various topics. But when we click on it, we find nothing. If you look at the web design, it looks professional. It also has a secure URL. Additionally, this website has sections for shipping policies, returns and exchanges. You can also find the website’s contact details here. 

I   have family in New York City; Meeroux partnered with Beauty Care Pro in the New York tri-state area in 2019   . As a family business, each unique member adds a personal desire for quality skin care products. Whether they’re working with professionals and experts to develop new formulas or doing field tests at local salons, they’re all passionate about what they do and sharing it with buyers.

General Questions

Is there a discount?

There is no discount on the website.

What is their return policy?

They have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days to request a return after receiving your item.

Do they offer free shipping?

They do not offer free shipping. 

Is this a US based brand?

No data.

How do you contact them?

  1. You    can email us at [email protected].
  2. We love snail mail too!  You can email us at   Meeroux Beauty c/o
  4. 6700 192nd Street STE1913
  5. Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

What goods can you return?

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unused or unused, with tags and in the original packaging. You will also need a receipt or proof of purchase.

Do they offer free income?

No, they do not offer free income.

What are their payment methods?  

  • Visa
  • MasterCard  

What do buyers say about the site?

Many online sources sell articles, but some are successful and some are not. Why is that so?  This is due to customer feedback. Here we tried to find feedback from buyers, but all in vain. Additionally, there should be feedback from the company on a website such as Sitejobber or TrustPilot


  • It has natural products
  • Mark is more about a day
  • He shared the growth of the company


  • No feedback from buyers
  • The site has some articles


Here is the final verdict on a website or brand.

We studied its URL, that’s for sure. These are pictures of items with amazing detail. 

  1. The site is small.
  2. No review.

Here we suggest to wait more to get feedback from customers and then buy it.

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