Olivia Jewelry Reviews: Why It Is Legit or Scam?

Do you want to enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home? But most of the times you won’t find everything you want to visit on the internet. During the day, the trend has changed in this digital age after the emergence of Kovid-19. You can find anything from clothes to electronic gadgets on e-commerce sites. You can consult a doctor. Therefore, when discussing MS accessible online, the most commonly asked category is jewellery. Now you can find your favorite jewelry by clicking a few buttons. If your friend’s party is coming up and you are looking for some special jewelry, Olivia Jewelry has it all.

Olivia Jewelery is an online store that deals exclusively in women’s jewellery. Anything from necklaces to rings can be found on this website. There are beautiful earrings. your name; is in it. But is this brand really good? In fact, . 

In this piece, we take a deeper look at their brand. What are user reviews? What are their shipping return policies? Do they offer quality products?

Which site is best for online jewelry?

You may be looking for an online website to sell quality jewelry. Here are some of them. 

  1. Madewell Jewelry. 
  2. Nordstrom for jewelry.
  3. Shop Mezuri Jewellery. 
  4. Etsy jewelry. 
  5. Buy brilliant earth jewellery.
  6. Shop Amazon for jewelry.
  7. Anthropology for jewelry. 
  8. Shop for stud earrings. chatter

So, is Olivia Jewelery competing with these names? Let’s know more about them.

Is it worth buying jewelry online?

Buyers are 100% safe in case of delivery or any jewelry website cannot maintain return policy. There is no need to worry while buying any jewelery online. 

About Olivia Jewellery

If you study the store’s tagline, they believe that they are jewelry that empowers every woman’s soul. Boosts your mood, boosts your confidence, makes you look better. Jewelry for every occasion or every day. Whether you are going to a party or picking up your child from school, this classy piece of jewelry will look great. 

Oliva Jewelery offers shoppers exclusive hard-to-find pieces. They claim that their design is unmatched, the quality is worth the price.

Olivia Jewelery range

Oliva Jewelery has an attractive range of jewellery. Offers beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. High quality crystal infinity necklace for your cute girl, I am so proud of your necklace for your little princess.

So she launched her jewelery under the tagline “For my daughter”. Here you will find the best pieces at the best prices. Their M’s are selling well. They offer bundle offers on some EM to their buyers.

FAQS on Olivia Jewelry

What sizes do they offer?

For rings, they have six to ten sizes.

Do they upload size guides for rings?

Yes, Olivia Jewelry has uploaded a picture of how to measure size numbers.

Do they offer a guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 30-day guarantee.

Are they offering any discounts?

Yes, there is a discount on selected MS.

  • Buy two, get one free.
  • Buy three, get two free.
  • 50% off some M

Does Olivia Jewelry offer free shipping?

It takes 4 to 10 business days to ship.

Where do those ships go?

  1. United States
  2. is out
  3. Can
  4. NZ 
  5. UK

Do they ship internationally?

Yes, it will be shipped internationally, but the buyer will have to pay the tax.

How do you contact them?

You can contact them

[email protected].

Olivia Jewelry: What are buyers saying?

Feedback on the website

Review by Maddie S.

I bought it for myself. I recently lost my mother to cancer. I needed something to ease the feeling of being lost without her. It was like a miracle with the words on the little card. I’m not much of a jewelry person, but I would never take this off. 

Mary H. is called

I love that the color hasn’t changed since I bought it, I’ve been wearing it for months now and it hasn’t faded. I wash my hands constantly at work; This ring stopped the abuse. Very comfortable; I don’t know what I’m wearing.

Erica L.

I bought this ring for my daughter’s birthday. She loved it! It has a good weight without looking or feeling flimsy or cheap. A solid, great ring with a great message attached at a great price!

Reviews on TrustPilot

Dissatisfied buyer

The worst gift I ever had was watching Olivia Burton

My husband thoughtfully bought me an Olivia Jewelry Burton watch for Christmas in 2019. After a few weeks of wear, the gray band started to fade in color, after two months, it started to look tan. We contacted customer service, who helped with a replacement gray strip.

Happy buyer

Excellent Customer Service!

They were very quick to respond and assured me that only one payment would be captured. I was unable to access my original order confirmation so the brand sent me a receipt with tracking details for my order. Very satisfied with the service provided.

Another happy buyer

I have a problem with a necklace I recently purchased, I emailed for some help guidance. They got back to me right away, try to help me resolve the case, which    they did quickly and efficiently with a replacement. I cannot fault Farah’s customer service from start to finish.


  • great design
  • Big discounts
  • Good return policy
  • 30 day guarantee


  • The trust pilot had mixed reactions from buyers

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