Oomiay Jewelry Reviews: Why It Is High Quality Jewelery?

Oomiay Jewelry Reviews

Beautiful jewelry prices will pop up in your Instagram feed or Facebook notification. Some of them are so attractive that you might want to buy one for yourself or your loved ones. In fact, jewelry is the perfect gift that will fetch your BFF or GF millions. But sometimes your hard work goes in vain. why so It teaches you to order from online stores that claim to offer quality products, but you get the opposite. In such cases, buying from online stores is risky. But day, we are here to help you in this way. 

It is a USA-based online store that has a unique collection of LA-inspired jewelry.   You can find everything from necklaces to earrings . Thus, different stores claim to offer different crystal forms in attractive colors.

Today in this essay, we will focus on user experience, brand quality, other viral factors.

The best way to buy jewelery online

So the question is, how do you avoid scams while buying jewelery from online sites? We have collected some points that can help you while shopping from online stores.

  • First, you need to find an honest dealer or genuine store. For this you can read buyer feedback on various forums.
  • Then, calculate the shipping costs taxes.
  • If you are buying any gemstone, ask for a certificate.
  • This is an important point. So, chat with the customer care staff, ask for their actual video image.
  • Also, check the warranty.
  • Study their return exchange policies.

So, always consider these points before ordering jewelery from any online site.


This LA, USA-based online jewelry store is a bargain of LA-inspired jewelry pieces. The brand claims to have a unique attractive collection with gold or silver plating. Her jewelry has an LA style that reflects LA’s feminine, neutral style. 

Omiai jewelry pieces are Gear and Peel Lovely California Girl Filter Gold Names. Competing with all other online stores in your area.

This site has beautiful jewelry like rings, earrings, pendant necklaces  and more.

Selling high quality jewelry?

  The brand claims to offer P-quality gold   crystal jewelery to customers. For each brand, a 5A grade crystal cut with a specific meaning of beautiful reflected light   is used.

They use semi-precious metals and add plating. Oomiay offers a variety of platings that set their pieces apart. 

Each piece of Omiya jewelery features heavy gold plating and a minimum 2.5 micron 14k gold notchTherefore, it makes the zone five times more attractive.

But what do customers say about this store? We will find out in an upcoming section of this blog.

 See what other users say about them.

It is necessary to study the feedback of buyers about the brand. Therefore, we have studied various user reviews, some of which are as follows.

Their website did not find any good or bad reviews about the products. We searched various sections, but we couldn’t find anything there. Also,  there are no user reviews on the brand’s quality, service, EMS on their Instagram handle. 

Reviews on Facebook

Dissatisfied buyer

On their Facebook page, we got some feedback from buyers. One of the shoppers said “What a horrible experience!! I bought winter solstice    , within a week the palm started getting blotchy. Another buyer noted, “   Oh, sure, terrible quality for the price.”

Happy buyer

I love my ring!! Very beautiful in person.

Another user said, “Just wanted to say I’m happy with the quality of my order.” Well made, definitely worth every penny.


customer service

Some buyers are dissatisfied with their customer service regarding their purchases. But you can contact them online. Social handling by filling out the form in the Contact Us section.

Shipping time 

They offer free shipping within the United States on all Omiya jewelry purchases! International area charges will apply at checkout. 

 Refund Policy 

They offer hassle-free returns within thirty days from the date of delivery. But without using em, with tags, no harm. Please note that they deduct a five dollar restocking fee. 

How to contact

You can contact them through their social handles or by filling the contact form in the contact section of the website. You can ask for a check by emailing them at [email protected], they’ll be happy to help! 

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