Sabuying Com Reviews: Why It Is Legit Site?

Do you like diamonds? Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring?  Sabuying com brings you an amazing collection of KAY Jewellery. We have noticed that there is   a huge difference between online and real life appearance. The pictures of their products make you want to buy them immediately. 

sabuying com    is an online platform that provides you with some classic jewelry designs. They have each M in several designs in different price ranges. But the main question is, is it legal? We bring you Sabooingcom reviews to find out if it is worth every penny.  Also Check:    Ridudali Jewelery Reviews

Let’s check the complete background of this brand. We highlighted their collection, reviews, features of their collection. Check if com is a   trusted site or not.

Com about Sabuying

sabuying com brings you KAY jewelry with motivation, practice, hard work, take responsibility attitude. Make sure you feel more confident after wearing their collection   . They are available in different grades of gold carat.  Their main goal is to create a timeless product that can be worn everywhere.

They say they put their customers first and provide great customer service at wn. Their next-generation designs are specially made to go every step of the way. They are never out of fashion.

What does Sabuying com offer?

Here you will find a good range of EM below.

Gift ideas

A sleek collection that makes the perfect gift in this category.

commitment wedding ring

They have some simple and elegant rings for  everyday wear  . A perfect compliment from your partner.


They have unique double-chain bangles that go well with every outfit.


Some amazing gold necklaces are also available on the official website. They    are available in yellow, silver and gold colors. 

Website Details

Let’s see the details of the website. 

  • Sabuying Com was registered on 7th April 2022.
  • The website will expire on April 7, 2023.
  • The website is a few months old. 
  • According to the name of the registrar, the owner of the website is 1API GmbH.

Address details 

Their contact details indicate the following address provided on the website.

3825 Paragon Dr, Columbus, OH 43228, USA   .

But behind is a small warehouse. So, there may be, but there is not much clarity here. 

value range

Their products are affordable and fall in the right price range. As of now, you can get a 10-karat gold bracelet for just $49. Most of their jewelry ranges from $35 to $55.   Very reasonable price when you see the amazing designs of their collection.


They are giving good discounts on some EMs in the name of clearance sale. You may get some discounts, but only on certain AIIMS. However, they are “buy two, get one free.” Isn’t it great? 

Sabuying com: Comparison with others

 We have found similar quality designs in their stores  on other websites like Amazon   . You can find some of their designs in other stores, but the price difference is mind-blowing. Something very incredible. You can find it for over $200, excluding delivery charges. Crazy right?

Customer Reviews: Are They Satisfied?

The official    website   has no reviews from buyers    .  Furthermore, TrustPilot does not show any reviews or comments from buyers.  This website may be a few months old.

However, it    does show some reviews for YouTube. This website is said to have low Alexa ranking. He said  that there is no guarantee of a secure website. No one can be trusted like that.


  • They have very unique designs.
  • It has affordable prices.
  • They offer only 3 5 days shipping time.


  • The website has low traffic.
  • There are no reviews from any buyers.


We bring you com reviews for trusted shopping stores for jewelry. Everything looks very good, the designs are breathtaking. However, almost six months old there is not a single comment from any buyer. Also, there are no social media handles. That makes the website very suspicious   . We recommend waiting for a while. Check out some good reviews before buying from them.

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